Race Day Volunteers

What can you do to help out? We need adults and youth volunteers to assist with a variety of race day activities.


Route Marshals

As a route marshal, you will be responsible for guiding runners along the race route. Under the direction of our technical director, you will assist in setting up the race course, manning an assigned location to guide runners and help clean up the race route.

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Water Station Attendants

Keeping runners well hydrated during their run makes for a more enjoyable and safe race experience. A water station is located on the course and volunteers are needed to help set up the station and hand out water to the runners as they pass by. This is a great place to greet and cheer on the runners.


Food Station Attendants

At the end of the race, racers can help themselves to a post-race snack. Food station volunteers help set up and maintain the food station.


Registration Desk

Help is needed to register last-minute race entries, hand out race kits, and accept completed pledge forms and/or donations.


First Aiders

Do you have first aid qualifications (Standard Level First Aid/CPR)? If so, we can use you to provide first aid on the race course and help contact EMS should the need arise.


High School Volunteer Hours

Kanata Race Day volunteers can use this to fulfill their volunteer hours requirement for high school. Our race day volunteer coordinator will be happy to sign off your hours when you have completed your shift.